Insane dreams

I slept sooooo well last night! And just to give you an idea of how crazy my dreams were, let me give you just a few words:


Victoria Beckham (maybe it was really a nightmare!)

Yep, that about covers it.


A Cadillac dealership just called Jimmy because someone wants to buy his car.

… And it’s not even for sale!!

There are a lot of people out there who want an Escalade, but no one wants the expense of buying a brand new one, so we’re constantly getting letters in the mail asking if we’re interested in selling our car. The dealership who called said they’ve completely sold out of all nice Escalades and know from notes they took during his last service, that his car is in excellent shape and has low mileage.

The one thing about owning an expensive car is that it keeps its value - Kelly Blue Book value shows his car worth double what we owe on it - so we could easily sell his car and buy a new (less expensive) car and walk away with pretty much no car payment. Plus, he has thousands upon thousands of upgrades in the car - super stereo system, super expensive wheels and tires, 3 video screens, DVD player, and two video game systems - raising the value even a bit more.