Room makeover

Went shopping this weekend and unexpectedly brought home an entire bedroom full of furniture!

We absolutely hated the furniture we had in there before (see here), so we thought we’d make it an office for me. And then we realized that I’d use an office about 20 minutes every week, so we thought maybe we’d just put a desk in there just to fill out the room. We went by American Furniture this weekend and found the desk, which was exactly what we wanted - simple, black, and reasonably priced. But we thought it would look weird with the lighter color bed we had in the bedroom, so we went and looked at their beds in hopes of finding just a cheap black headboard.

We just happened to stumble across this one, but isn’t it adorable? It was cheap and on sale big time - exactly what we wanted for the least used bedroom in our house! I think it looks great though, much better than what we had before, huh? We had a problem putting it together last night though, the canopy rods that go across the foot and head part of the bed were the wrong size, I think for a twin, so we had to go back by the furniture store today and exchange them.

The bedding is also new, purchased half off at Target last night. The stuff we had in there before was Shabby Chic - definitely NOT my style - and something my mom had given to me just so we had bedding for it.

We’re going to purchase some sheer fabric to hang from the canopy, but the stuff we like is expensive for the amount we need, so I’m going to wait a while until it either goes on sale or we get some sort of coupon for the store. Like I said, it’s the least used bedroom in our house, we don’t want to spend too much on it. But I really love the way it looks! I just need to find some cute desk accessories