The season to buy… for yourself??

I swear we started off with good intentions! We met at the mall and really did look for Christmas gifts for other people, and in fact bought one for his mom, but then it just went down hill and we ended up buying a TON of stuff for us!!

I love, love, love our new thing in the entry way. We were really limited by space - as you can see in the picture - and every other table known to man is way bigger than what we needed. After searching for months (even before we moved into the house!) we finally foud it last night at World Market.

Jimmy had never been in the store before and loved it. We also ended up buying cute little chalk containers and using them for all sorts of decorative pasta I had in the pantry.

We also stopped by Party America next door and bought TONS of really funny decorations for my mom’s surprise party next Saturday. Their house is going to be the craziest mess of Christmas decorations and black “Over the Hill” stuff we’re going to put everywhere. I know she’ll love it!

Tonight my cousin and her boyfriend are coming over, and I’m making spaghetti (with Santa and Christmas tree shaped pasta!). For one of my classes I needed to interview someone “different” from myself, whether it is a different ethnicity, religion, or someone with a disability. I decided to interview her boyfriend because he’s Native American, and boy can that man talk when you get on the subject of ethnicity/race! He’ll be super helpful so that I can get my 15 minute presentation to full length.