Salary disparity

Jimmy and I both received raises that were the exact same dollar amount this year.

However, that amount is 15% of my original salary, while his is a mere 3%.

I’m not sure if I’m underpaid or he’s overpaid, I’m just pleased that I got such a large percentage - this is the government after all!

Going swimmingly

Arrived at the gym at 4:50 this morning. 4:50!! I was the first person and had my workout well over half over before more than three people showed up.

My workout today was great, did the elliptical only and burned lots of calories. Which brings up a question for you all. How accurate do you think the jasminelive machines are when they tell you how many calories you’ve burned? I assume it takes into account your age, weight, heart rate, and speed of the machine… so do you think it’s anywhere close to how much you burn? Too much? Too little?

I made an extremely tasty breakfast for Jimmy and I, even woke him up at 5:45 to eat it! I used a whole wheat english muffin, fat free american cheese, egg beaters, and a slice of precooked bacon. SO good! And everything is microwaveable, except of course the muffins, so it was super easy to make. Total calories were around 220 and only 5 grams of fat, totally worth it.

Honeymoon stuff

Not much said about the wedding lately, huh? We have a meeting with the caterer on the 11th to taste more food but otherwise that’s about it for a while.

As I’ve mentioned before we have our honeymoon planned out in the most basic way - we officially have flight reservations, and know we want to go to Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, and Romania. And that’s where the planning stops.

I think we’re going to get a travel agent to help us plan and make reservations. Since we want to go so many places and are on a slightly limited schedule (3 weeks!!) we don’t really want to mess up train times, important places to see, etc.

I just checked my jasminlive email and found yet another unrequested wedding related email. This time, however, I was really happy to see it was from a travel agent. I went to their website and found THE HOTEL to stay in while we’re in Budapest.

Isn’t it beautiful (look through the photo gallery)? No doubt it’ll be a bit pricey, their specials are currently around $350-400/night. I put in a price request through the agency so we’ll see if they offer a remotely decent price for the hotel. I can hope though… looks like the perfect honeymoon hotel!

I think that’s the gist of it

Just had a post written out but for some reason it didn’t go through. I hate when that happens!

To make it quick - I hate when people talk to each other while working out. If you can keep up a conversation with your friend next to you you’re not working out hard enough.

The other day I walked into the gym and there was only two other people working out. One girl was lifting weights and geez… the way she was groaning while lifting sounded like she was having sex. It was so awkward to listen to her, it was so weird and pornographic sounding, thankfully she soon quit and used the elliptical.

Hard to get up and workout this morning, thought about going back to bed, but remembered that I felt the same yesterday and how good it was go do it and have it over. Worked out, my legs are sore, and I feel good.

Added later - Forgot to say that I was wearing headphones and listening to music, but could still hear the girls talking!

Doing good

Today is the first day in weeks that I’ve had a bit too much to eat. Jimmy took me to lunch today and we intentionally went to Applebee’s so we could order off the WW menu and make it easy to watch calories today. We’ve been eating slim fast shakes (the powder kind, made with milk and a table spoon of natural peanut butter) for dinner, which makes it VERY easy to not over eat since dinner is so low cal.

I was hungry though, and ate two pieces of toast w/ peanut butter with dinner… didn’t realize how many calories the bread had until I had already eatten it - Jimmy is no longer allowed to buy us bread ;)

For lunch I had WW french onion soup and the WW tango chicken sandwich, both were really good and damn, sorry for TMI, but the onion soup gave me the worst gas. I didn’t know what caused it but Jimmy said he felt it too, and the onion soup is the only thing we both ate.

I hope I don’t jinx myself, but I have to say I’m shocked at how smoothly the diet and exercise thing is this time around. It was easy the first time I lost weight and then whole time inbetween then and now it sucked and made me want to cry. Please just let it stick around until the wedding!

Kick butt, not butt kicking

I have to say, when my alarm went off at 4:30 this morning I thought I had lost all motivation and desire to workout in the morning. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to workout at all, just not in the morning. But I know myself well enough to know that if I don’t go in the morning, I won’t be going at all.

The workout turned out to be awesome. I did the stair stepper for 10 minutes and just that small amount of time really helped to break up my workout, because then I wasn’t doing the elliptical for the entire time I was at the gym.

I’m finding lots of new referrers from my tracking page and I love it! Since I stopped the weight loss portion of my blog for such a long time I never looked for new diet blogs, but now that I’ve started up again it’s nice to see all the new ones that are out there.

Something about Chicago

I’m such a blonde. Can you believe that until this weekend I didn’t realize that my phone was capable of sending text messages? And that I had several unread ones from college friends who I hadn’t spoken to in months! I always knew I could receive photographs, but never really even tried to reply or initiate my own messages.

Should I be embarrassed to tell you that I spent a decent chunk of my weekend text messaging with my FATHER?? For some crazy reason every time they go to Chicago they send pictures from around the city to my cell phone. They travel a lot yet they only do it from Chicago. Weird. And there are always one or two from the John Hancock building. Why do they go there every time? Is the bar that good??

Do you remember my last trip to Chicago? Where I spent the afternoon in the ER with a complete stranger who was vomiting uncontrollably? My dad couldn’t be there as he was “working” in Phoenix that week. Thankfully he managed to be available this time… where they stayed in a suite at the Four Seasons and did not set foot in a hospital.